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فراخوان مقاله

فراخوان مجله نوآوری علوم پزشکی و داروسازی آسیای مرکزی

Central Asian Scientific Press (CAS-Press) is a leading publication that focuses on the latest scientific findings and research achievements in the central Asian region (Eurasia), middle east countries, other parts of Asia, and the world. It is also seeking the newest scientific developments and technological advances in various fields of Science and Technology. For this purpose, the editorial office needs prominent professors and researchers who can increase the present collection's scientific quality.

According to intense experiences of all Professors and researchers in the field of medical and pharmaceutical sciences, The Central Asian Journal of Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences Innovation (CAJMPSI) as a new journal of CAS press, established and want to be a bridge between the final scientific achievements of all specialist in this area and medical and pharmaceutical universities members and other readers. Hope CAS press can achieve to these valuable goals in the shortest of time

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